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How to make a complaint

Publisert 07.06.2016

Before a complaint can be dealt with by the Complaints Board, you must first lodge a complaint with the institution concerned which must then be allowed a reasonable period to reply to the complaint.

Should you decide to bring your case before the Board, you must submit a written complaint, detailing the underlying reasons for the complaint, and the result that is expected. The complaint can be made in English, but the processing and communication from the Board, will be in Norwegian.

To make a complaint, please use the online complaints form

All those dealing with the complaint are pledged to confidientiality. Processing of complaints by the Complaints Board is free of charge.

If you have any questions about how to make a complaint, or if you are in doubt as to whether your dispute can be handled by the Board, you may call the secretariat on (+47) 23 13 19 60.

Online Dispute Resolution

The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (FinKN) is a dispute resolution body registered with the Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) platform created by the European Commission.

If you are currently living in another EU/EEC-country and want to make a complaint about a financial service you bought online, you can now use the ODR-website to register a complaint.

You can read more, and access the ODR platform here: Online Dispute Resolution

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